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Everything You Wanted to Know About Jan Greteman

Jan has unique qualifications that make her a true real estate talent. She gained an in-depth knowledge of the real estate business early in life from exposure to her family’s real estate business.

Having enjoyed a highly successful career in high-end retail and luxury consumer product businesses for powerhouse brands such as Saks, Nordstrom’s, Lancome, Estee Lauder and The Body Shop, Jan now applies her renowned work ethic, focus, marketing savvy, finely-honed negotiating skills and superb instincts to her real estate business.

A natural when it comes to client relations and customer service, Jan excels in the art of listing and communicating having led and motivated large sales teams, managed multimillion-dollar budgets and forged client relationships across the U.S., Europe and China.

Today, as a real estate professional, Jan calls on her highly-regarded skills to maximize exposure for client properties and to orchestrate the numerous complexities of the real estate process as she guides her buyers and sellers through to rewarding outcomes.

After a professional life in the worlds of beauty and image, Jan has an unerring eye for good design and visual appeal. This makes her an invaluable resource to sellers in staging their homes for maximum buyer attraction and in helping buyers visualize the potential of the properties they’re considering.

Jan’s formidable skills have come together in a whole new way, and her clients have one word for the total package: Invaluable.

Client Testimonials

“Dear Jan, We just wanted to thank you for your part in the successful completion of the sale of the property on Alegria Street in Sierra Madre, owned by the Moss Trusts. Your attention to detail, your dedication to a positive outcome, and your thoughtfulness in dealing with Ed as trustee and Burt as bookkeeper for the Moss Trusts is well recognized by both of them. In addition, I would like to personally thank you for your efficiency and pleasant personality in dealing with me as I handled the computer connections and other peripheral parts of the business dealings. If we ever have the need for realty services in the future, we would look forward to the possibility of working with you again.” ~ Edward & Diana Dickstein
“It is my pleasure to recommend Jan Greteman as an outstanding real estate agent. She represented me as a buyer’s agent in the summer and fall of 2015, and during that time remained attuned to the preferences and limitations that I placed on our housing search. She also kept me apprised of potential listings the moment they came on the market, including the one that eventually became my home. The home I did purchase was in a highly desired neighborhood and had a number of attractive features that made it a very competitive bidding process. The house received multiple offers within days of the listing, and with Jan’s guidance I was able to present an offer and subsequent counter-offer that appealed to the seller and won over the other beds, and yet still fit will within my budget. As a first time homebuyer, the entire proccess was entirely new to me, and Jan did an excellent job of keeping me informed of the process and ensuring that everything went smoothly. When there were potential delays in our contingencies, Jan made multiple phone calls on my behalf to the seller’s agent and my loan officers to work it out in my favor. And she always made it very convenient to sign all of the neccessary paperwork by completing it all either via email or by driving to meet me, such that there was surprisingly minimal impact on my schedule. Finally, as I prepared to move in, she even helped with arranging utilities, and went so far as to wait at the house for technicians to turn on the utilities while I was at work, such that the home was truly move-in ready on our closing day. In summary, Jan was a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her in your own home search, particularly if you are a first time home buyer as I was.” ~ Aaron Robison
“Very Knowledgeable and NEW to Southern California! Jan performed a wonderful job of helping us to find the right home. She listened to our goals, provided all the information we needed, and was on top of the details at every step in the process. Beyond the house search and purchase, Jan provided very useful information about our new location such as cultural opportunities and local businesses. Jan also introduced us to a reliable contractor, for moderate changes to the house, and dependable trades people. Jan’s warm personality and positive outlook made buying our home a pleasure. Jan’s help went above and beyond our expectations of a REALTOR® and we are very grateful to her!” ~ George S.
“We Were Very Happy We Used Jan As Our Real Estate Agent. Jan helped us buy our home in Sierra Madre. She was very patient and understanding of our specific needs. She showed us properties as soon as they came on the market, and was very helpful throughout the transaction. She brought paperwork to the house so we didn’t have to leave. Everything went smoothly from start to finish. Even when we had trouble making the loan deadline, she came up with helpful ideas. She even brought us sturdy moving boxes to help with the move. We were very happy we used Jan as our real estate agent.” ~ Nancy & Gary Dorn
“Enthusiastically Recommend Jan Greteman!!!! Dear Prospective Buyer or Seller, After serving 11 years in the U.S. Army, we relocated our family from Colorado to Southern California earlier this year. For months prior to our move, we diligently searched for our next home. Although we’ve lived in multiple locations throughout our time in the service, the market in the greater Los Angeles area was unique and steeped with challenges. Despite months of searching online, we couldn’t close on a property. We were feeling the pressure! After two weeks in an extended stay hotel with our four kids and two dogs, we were feeling discouraged. That all changed when we contacted Jan. She was ready to help at the drop of hat and quickly closed the deal to get us into a wonderful place. Jan is truly a caring person who was an enormous help and took total care of us throughout the process. The quality that stood out most was Jan’s personal touch. Although we just met her, she treated our family like lifelong friends. Moreover, she had the confidence and professionalism of a seasoned REALTOR®. Los Angeles has a unique market when it comes to real estate, whether you’re looking for a rental or to purchase, and need someone with the experience to make things happen. I would like to take this opportunity to enthusiastically recommend Jan Greteman as a real estate agent for any individual or family looking for their next home.” ~ Brian & Stephanie Murdock
“Jan is family now! We’ve been looking for a house in Sierra Madre for a little over 3 years. The market is small and our wishes were very specific... we drove most local real estate agents crazy ;-) Jan was patient and listened closely. We were in contact every now and then, depending on what the market had to offer. After 3 years, we were tired of looking; tired of all the open houses... Then Jan called and said “you gotta look at this house.” A few weeks later we moved into our beautiful new house with the most amazing view over the San Gabriel Valley! I was 30 weeks pregnant when we moved in. Jan always offered her help and said she would be there when I need her. We have family in the area but not in town so we asked her if she could watch our toddler when we have to go to the birth center... One night I called her, she answered her phone “do you need me to come?” and was there not even 5 minutes later. Very unplanned, we had a home birth (our baby came within 1 hour). Jan was there for our daughter’s first cry, was the first one to see her. Jan, you are family to us. Thank you for everything!” ~ Birgit and Scott Haas


Sierra Madre, CA
6 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 4316 Sqft 17508 Lot
Sierra Madre, CA
3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1093 Sqft 3022 Lot
Altadena, CA
3 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom 1264 Sqft 8597 Lot
Azusa, CA
3 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 1358 Sqft 2108 Lot
Azusa, CA
3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1181 Sqft
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Duarte, CA
2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom 832 Sqft 8049 Lot
Pasadena, CA
2 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 1041 Sqft
Sierra Madre, CA
2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1177 Sqft
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