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The San Gabriel Mountains have always provided the backdrop for Sandi’s life adventures.  Her family moved here from the Westside when she was 4 and though certain chapters of life have pulled her away, the foothills will always be home. Childhood memories were created and cemented in Sierra Madre, marriage and motherhood nudged her to Pasadena, introduced her to La Canada and ultimately drew her to Altadena, where she currently resides. Many of Sandi’s passions (outdoor recreation, preservation of both natural and architectural surroundings and working with youth) are rooted in her love and respect for these communities.

Professionally, Sandi’s career has spanned three decades.  Attending California Polytechnic University at both San Luis Obispo and Pomona campuses, Sandi graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Foods and Nutrition. She channeled her acquired appreciation for our rich California agricultural landscape by entering the fresh produce industry, where she was one of a handful of women to dot the business. Working pre-dawn hours from the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Terminal Market, she arranged commodity purchases between growers and national distributors in both the foodservice and retail sectors. Her experience and skills in creative marketing, contract negotiation and conflict resolution transferred seamlessly into real estate and her partnership with deasy penner podley.

Sandi has embraced volunteer opportunities through her past service on the Board of Altadena Heritage, as a 13-year leader of youth in Girls Scouts of Greater Los Angeles and as a current mentor for Pasadena’s STARS youth program.

Sandi’s personal interests include cooking, gardening, hiking and swimming .  Her “home as art” is a 1928 character Spanish which she shares with her husband of 33 years, their daughter and a pair of West Highland White Terriers.

Client Testimonials

“Working with Sandi led us to our dream home. Her attention to detail, clear communication and expert guidance are unparalleled. The Los Angeles housing market can be quite the challenge and Sandi helped us navigate it with ease.” ~ R & C
“When my wife and I decided to sell our home in Pasadena, we interviewed four different realtors. We felt very confident in our choice of the team of Michael Darling and Sandi Rozman and our choice was verified by the results. Our home sold in a timely manner and the process was painless. We were immediately impressed by how open and honest and friendly Michael and Sandi were and we were comfortable working with them. They never dealt in hype but provided solid advice as to how to prepare the home for sale, and then guided us through the sale process. We were reluctant to do some of the repairs and repainting that were suggested, but they were right. Their suggestions were what led to the successful sale. Even their choice of a new color for the main rooms was right on as the ultimate buyers remarked that they "loved the look of the rooms." A suggestion was made to dramatically "open up" the main rooms providing much more light and enhancing the views and the changes brought rave reviews from people visiting the home. In short, every suggestion they made proved to be correct and directly resulted in a successful sale. They provided access to teams of professionals that made the home presentable and they provided invaluable personal help to get the home on the market. In short, without their input and personal effort, we would not have achieved our successful end result. The two are a delight to work with and have now become friends. I can't imagine why a prospective home seller would not engage their services.” ~ Quincy Hocutt
“We were fortunate to have Michael and his partner, Sandi Rozman, as our agents when we put our house in the San Rafael Hills on the market a few months ago. They are well known and highly respected in real estate in the San Rafael Hills and surrounding areas. We are thankful that the sale went through successfully. Michael and Sandi earned their stellar reputation in the area by their hard work, knowledge, expertise and most importantly, their dedication to their clients' interests. They were very helpful in offering us constructive advice and preparing our home for the market, and effectively managed the process from start to finish. We have no reservation in recommending their professional services.” ~ D. & A.H
“We just closed on our house today, and we have so many good things to say about Sandi that we could go on and on. To keep it short, we found Sandi to be incredibly thorough, organized, responsive and experienced. She knows what she’s doing and we benefited from her expertise mightily. But, almost more important than that, Sandi is caring, supportive and very kind. She makes you feel like she is personally invested in your transaction and your happiness. She went the extra mile to make sure our transaction went smoothly and that we were satisfied. I can’t thank her enough for all her efforts. We couldn’t recommend her more highly.” ~ Janna and Craig Gosselin
“When we decided to put our San Rafael house on the market, we had many things to consider. About the only thing not on that list is who our listing agents would be. Sandi and Michael have an incredible reputation, and for good reason. Over the decade plus that we lived in San Rafael Hills, we watched the houses go on and off the market, the ones who sold the quickest were theirs. In fact, we saw several houses in our neighborhood go on the market, remain unsold, go off the market, only to return back on the market with the Rozman and Darling sign. They have an aesthetic, a brand, knowledge and grace. That's how they sell houses. They sold our house with multiple offers in one week and got us into a wonderful home that also had multiple offers. And wouldn't you know? Their agents loved working with ours. Thank you Sandi and Michael!” ~ H & K


Pasadena, CA
3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1568 Sqft 8254 Lot
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